The School of Informatics and Engineering at ITB has established an active research group focussed on the areas of computer graphics and gaming. We believe that the games industry provides an ideal application area for many academic research disciplines of interest to the School as it incorporates aspects of computer science, multimedia, engineering, languages, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and mathematics.

  • Mobile Game Customisation
  • Procedural City Generation
  • Automatic Buildings
  • 3D Campus Simulation
  • Virtual Cinematography
  • Learning Techniques


So far we have been awarded funding for five research projects and have also incorporated games development into the undergraduate work of our computing students – both as a means of enhancing programming and multimedia skills and as an application area for final year projects.

Our solutions


Design and Development of Games

To succeed in the game, the animation and computer graphics industry, student must read game design and development books and master some basic skills related to design, storyboarding, modeling and animation. Looking at the gambling community, you can see that presentation [...]

New Website

“As is immediately obvious, we haven’t been updating this website recently and it’s very much out of date. We are currently working on getting a new site up and running which will contain details of everything we have been up to recently..”

Research Vacancy

“We are still inviting applications for a new research post that is available. The researcher will work on the Virtual Cinematography for Driving Applications Situated in Procedurally Generated 3D Environments project, which we recently obtained funding for. The post is for 2 years and the researcher will register for a research M.Sc. as part of the work. A monthly grant is paid and all fees and related expenses are covered. Full information on the post and details about how to apply can be found by contacting Hugh McCabe. .”

ITB Selected for Emergent Academic Program

“ITB has been selected to become part of Emergent Game Technologies Academic Program. Emergent are the creators of the GameBryo game engine which has been used to create many well-known titles. The Academic Program gives selected institutions full access to Emergent products for research and teaching purposes. This is a fantastic opportunity for the Graphics and Gaming Group as it allows us to conduct research projects using a fully-featured professional game development environment. We look forward to fruitful future collaboration with Emergent. .”