Difference Between Game Design and Game Development


Whether it be on console, PC, handheld, or phone, nowadays, everybody plays video games and many have already dreamed of game design and development. Let’s see here onĀ gamesitb how to make our game step by step.

Without sound pessimistic, you won’t get to create a single complete A triple game. In the studios in good shape, several roles that are important:

  • Producer (project leader),
  • Creative Director (creator of the universe of the game and its context),
  • Writers (creating the scenario based on the universe of the game),
  • Graphic designers (they mix technique and art in modeling characters, sets, objects, textures,…),
  • Animators (animate the race, fall of a character with potentially using motion capture but also create clothing and each object physics…).
  • Engineers (programmers, developers, system administrators,…),
  • Level designer (built-in assets of different actors in charge of the development of