Hugh McCabe
B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc.

Position: Lecturer
Phone: 00 353 1 8851089
Hugh is a lecturer in Computing at ITB and is a founder of the Graphics and Gaming Group. He is project leader on the Procedural City Generation and Automatic Building Generation projects. His expertise is primarily in the areas of computer graphics and multimedia. He joined ITB in 1999 and prior to this was a member of the Image Synthesis Group at Trinity for two years. At Trinity he carried out research into advanced rendering algorithms. Hugh also spent three years as a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science in UCD. He holds a degree and a Masters in Computer Science from UCD.
Dr Matt Smith
B.A. (Hons), PG Cert (HE), M.Sc, Ph.D., (ILTM)

Position: Senior Lecturer
Phone: 00 353 1 8851098
Matt has over 10 years lecturing and research experience at colleges including ITB, Middlesex University, the University of Winchester, the Open University and Aberdeen University. Matt holds a taught masters in Applied Artificial Intelligence and a doctorate in applied artificial intelligence and interactive music education research. Matt has published in these fields in internationally referred book chapters and conference papers, has chaired international research conference workshops and was lead editor of a collected edition of multimedia research papers. His main research areas are multimedia education systems and the use of IT to support informal learning. Matt regularly works in these fields as a research consultant for UK universities and the British Educational and Communications Technology Agency. Matt has also worked in industry as a programmer-analyst, technical author, trainer and database developer. At ITB, Matt has pioneered the use of Macromedia Flash game authoring as a means of imparting multimedia and programming skills to undergraduate students. One of the European projects he is working on involves Java mobile phone games and computing science education.
Stephen Sheridan
B.Sc. (Hons)

Position: Lecturer
Phone: 00 353 1 8851094
Stephen is a lecturer in Computing at ITB and has a number of years experience as a senior software engineer with Multimedia companies in Ireland. His primary research area is Artificial Intelligence and he is close to completing a Ph.D. in the area of Neural Networks with Professor Ronan Reilly of NUI Maynooth. Stephen�s Ph.D. thesis is primarily concerned with the parallelisation of neural network learning algorithms across heterogeneous computer networks. Stephen has supervised a number of Artificial Intelligence projects at B.Sc. level and M.Sc. level and joined ITB in 1999. Stephen has also presented a number of papers on neural networks and computer vision at ITB�s research conferences. He was joint project leader on the learning techniques project.
Sonali Patil
B.End. (Hons)

Position: Postgrad Student
Phone: 00 353 1 8851194
Sonali is an M.Sc. researcher. Her area of interest is the use of Sketch Based interfaces for terrain and water feature generation. She holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering from North Mahashtra University in India and prior to joining us worked as a staff scientist at the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Bangalore.

Undergraduate Members

We regularly have undergraduate final year Computing students working on project related to our research. This year (2009-2010) the following students are carrying out final year (BSc Hons) Computing projects with us:
Avril Brady 3D game for teaching fire safety
Vytas Gontis 3D drag racing game
Brian Foley Automatic 3D game content generation: furniture generation and positioning into empty buildings
Grigoriy Savalev Automatic 3D game content generation: generating doors, windows and walls for plausible building interior layouts

Past Members

Leonie Troy
B.Eng. (Hons), M.Eng
Leonie graduated form ITB in 2007 with a Bachelors Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering. She started her research Masters in September 2007 under the supervision of Matt Smith and Richard Gallery. The title of the project is Customising mobile device application software through device profiling and it looked at mobile phone gaming and mobile phone game localisation. Leonie completed her M.Eng. and graduated in November 2010.
Graham Whelan
B.Sc. (Hons)
Graham worked on the Automatic Building Generation project which was concerned with using procedural techniques to generate building geometry for games and other interactive 3D applications. Graham has a degree in physics from Trinity College Dublin and also has several years experience as a developer in the UK games industry.
George Kelly
B.A. (Hons)
George is a graduate of Trinity College and holds a degree in Computer Science. He was lead researcher on the procedural city generation project. His work was concerned with developing applications and algorithms for the automatic generation of city geometry with particular focus on interactive methods for quickly creating road networks. He finished his M.Sc. at ITB, graduating in November 2008.
James Kneafsey
B.Eng. (Hons), M.Sc.

James broke the tradition of only taking on researchers with “graham” in their name when he joined in late 2002 as an M.Sc. student. Prior to this he obtained a degree in Computer Engineering from Trinity College. He was lead researcher on the virtual cinematography project. This involved developing algorithms for controlling cameras, in 3D applications such as games, that are informed by cinematography. The aim was to produce a software toolkit whereby develoepers can add these enhancements to their work. More information on this available. James has now graduated with his M.Sc. degree and is working for Dublin-based interactive television company, emuse.
Ross Graham
B.Eng.(Hons), M.Sc.
Ross holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Trinity College and joined ITB as a postgraduate researcher in 2002. Ross worked on a project entitled Application of Learning Techniques to Achieve Believable Agent Behaviour in Computer Games . This work was concerned with exploring the use of learning algorithms from Artificial Intelligence in the context of computer games. Ross developed a system that used a combination of neural networks and genetic algorithms to allow Non Player Characters in games learn to find their way around unfamiliar game worlds. More info here. Ross’s thesis is available for download here.
Graham McCann
B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc.
Graham joined ITB in 2001 as an M.Sc. student and was the first postgraduate member of the Graphics and Gaming Group. Prior to this he graduated with a degree in Computer Science from DIT Kevin Street. Graham was taken on at ITB as lead reseacher on the physically based sound synthesis project and has now completed his M.Sc. thesis on this subject. His research investigated methods for generating synthesized sound for games and other interactive graphics applications that use p